Driver Appreciation/Independence Day Lunches:

Plan to stop by one of our terminals – Fort Dodge, IA, Missoula, MT or Bessemer, AL for a free lunch on Monday, June 29th, Tuesday, June 30th, or Wednesday, July 1st .  THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!

Decker’s Working Percentage – – at an All-Time High:

May 2020 was a record for the working percentage for the DTL fleet.  As many of the states began to re-open, the US economy started to reawaken and you, our Professional Drivers, made it happen!  Thank you for committing to our customers’ needs and more importantly, for committing to the needs of the USA.

Congratulations to Our May 2020 Drivers of the Month:

West Reefer:

Winner: Berta Barnett

Nom: Shawn Landfear

Midwest Reefer:

Winner: Todd Ouverson

Nom: Steve Alliger

Nom: Michael Dosch

Midwest Flatbed:

Winner: Thomas Melton

Southern Flatbed:

Winner: Antonio Fernandez

Nom: Roderick Toomer


Winner: James Stuhlberg


Winners: Vicki Boling and Richard Reid

Keeping Drivers Safe During Civil Unrest:

Thank goodness that the riots and protests around the country are starting to diminish, however, we are working diligently to pass along to you any information and recommendations that we can to help keep you safe in these difficult times. 

  • Please remember that “Avoidance is the key”.  Our shippers and consignees should be able to give us information on the civil unrest in their neighborhoods.  Therefore, we will not send you into any area that we feel is unsafe; if you do encounter any masses of people blocking the roadways, STOP, don’t drive any farther.  Do whatever is necessary to change direction and get out of the area.  If you are alert, you should be able to see these masses of people far enough in advance that you can act before being surrounded.
  • If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your Fleet Manager, Night Operations or Ken Cromwell, Chief Operating Officer, at 515-576-4141 Ext. 7141.