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In 1931, with the help of a single Model B Ford truck, Loren Decker and his younger brother Dale fulfilled the youthful dream of owning a trucking company. Although only 17 years of age at the time, Loren already had several years of driving experience in the days when no driver’s license was required. Service in the early days involved the transportation of canned goods, plumbing fixtures, gypsum products and windmills between Iowa and the adjacent states.

In 1945, after earning a Purple Heart in the Marine Corps, Dale Decker rejoined his brother Loren in the business where both brothers participated in all phases of the company’s activities. During the first 45 years of its existence, Decker enjoyed a steady yet moderate growth as it continued to concentrate its operations in the Midwestern states transporting primarily construction materials, iron, steel articles and food products.

In 1976, Loren retired and sold his interest in the company to Dale and Dale’s two sons, Don and Duane Decker. Building upon the base of 45 years of experience, customer loyalty, quality service and personnel, this new management team set forth to expand the company’s operations, both in territorial scope and in the range of commodities transported. In the ten years that followed, Decker’s revenues increased tenfold and its operations extended to a nationwide system of carrying all types of products under both its nationwide common and contract carrier authority.

In 1993, Don Decker acquired sole ownership of the company. Decker’s management team consists primarily of individuals who have grown within the company as some began their career as drivers. They now use their operational knowledge and expertise to sustain Decker’s highest standard of service which has gained the loyalty of some of the nation’s largest shippers, as well as smaller operations.

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