Mission Statement

For companies with high frequency and dedicated transportation needs, Decker Truck Line, Inc. is a family-owned-and-operated trucking company with a loyal workforce. Decker has been committed to exceeding expectations for over 90 years by providing top-notch transportation services including a wide range of commodities through the United States.


Our Core Values



1. Safety Has No Compromise

Safety is imperative to our success and the future of our company, and we take personal responsibility for the safety of ourselves and those around us. We perform safety assessments as we continually improve protocol and procedures while providing our people with the training, knowledge and tools to work safely and prevent accidents. Focusing on assuring the safety of everything we operate and maintain allows us to recognize and correct potential hazards immediately. If anyone notices anything unsafe, they have the authority and obligation to speak up and bring it to the attention of others.


2. Our Most Valuable Asset is Our Employees

While working as a team, we accomplish our goals by treating others with respect, compassion and integrity. We are professional, high-performing team players focused on delivering and drawing on our experience. We aim to attract, develop, and retain the best people by creating a stimulating, fun, and open work culture that promotes personal development and work/life balance. We reward competitively and celebrate successes.


3. We Value Our Customers

We are committed to providing the highest quality service in meeting our customer’s expectations. We focus on customer relationships that build trust, confidence, and loyalty. Our customers are our most important stakeholders and the lifeblood of our business.


4. Continuously Improve

Working under the idea that “He who stops being better, stops being good” Decker continues to strive for improvement in all aspects of operations. The responsibility to push for greatness is placed upon everyone within the company, and by instituting on-the-job training, The Decker Companies are able to effectively instill more knowledge and trust in their employees.


5. We Can Make A Difference

We aim to make a positive difference to the communities where we operate and seek ways to assist them. We prioritize the hiring and development of local people, and we work with local supply chains when possible. We are committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment by conserving resources, reducing waste and emissions, and preventing environmental pollution while simultaneously working with our customers to provide the best environmental solutions.


6. Lead with Financial Strength and Stability

We believe that efficiency and financial strength allow us to achieve our corporate goals and create opportunities. We are cost aware and carefully manage our own and our customers’ costs. We manage financial risk systematically and responsibly.

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