Our Decker Open-Door Policy

OCTOBER 16, 2020


Hey Decker Drivers – – we just want to remind you of the many ways you can communicate with us here at Decker.  We do want to hear from you because we can’t fix something that we don’t know about.  If you have an emergency or need assistance immediately, please contact your Fleet Manager.  If you can’t reach your Fleet Manager then call the main Decker line – 515-576-4141 ext. 2600 and one of the receptionists will help get you to someone who can help you.  If you have a question or suggestion that doesn’t need immediate attention, please do one of the following:

        We want to hear from you so we can help to make Decker the best company to drive for!


To ensure that your truck will start when coming off home-time, please be sure to follow these steps.

  • Make sure the APU is on Standby mode (TK display will display Standby in lower left corner of controller);
  • Clean out the refrigerator and turn it off by turning the temp all the way to zero;
  • Shut off all electrical accessories in the truck and sleeper area, including the bunk heater;
  • Make sure all lights inside the truck and sleeper area are off; and
  • Make sure there is enough fuel in the tractor.

By following the steps noted above, your tractor will have a better chance at starting when your home-time is over.  Check engine lights develop due to low voltage codes, and jump starts often cause check or service lights due to the high-power surge – both requiring a trip or tow to a dealership. These increase downtime for you, the Driver, and a lot of additional cost to the company.

Keep in mind, it’s a good thing to check on your truck on a frequently to make sure the big engine will fire up and run.  Also, check to make sure there is still enough fuel in the equipment.  If you have any questions about APU functions, or issues with any APU, be sure to reach out to Maintenance Support.  There are also APU training videos in the Transflo app.


Please use extra caution when driving in poor conditions.  Heavy snow in the western states and icy conditions in the midwest, including southern Iowa and Chicago, is inevitable as we approach the winter months. Please make sure you have treated your fuel to avoid unnecessary delays.  Depending on where fuel is purchased can effect when it will start to gel.  Fuel purchased in Florida will gel up quicker than fuel purchased in Minnesota; be aware that untreated fuel can start to cloud up and gel at any temperature below freezing (32 degrees).

There are several anti-gel additives available at truck stops.  The additives in this picture are available at Decker shops.  Note the Penray product does 250 gallons and the Power service does 100 gallons.  Professional Drivers, you need to read the instructions on whatever product is purchased so as to not undertreat or overtreat.  If you have any questions please call Maintenance Support or one of our Decker shops and they will be able to assist.


Below is a listing of the top three most frequently cited CSA violations in the three most frequently cited categories, Unsafe Driving, Hours of Service and Maintenance.

The first step in reducing the number and frequency of these violations is making you, our Professional Drivers, aware that they are occurring so the appropriate modifications can be made to your personal processes to prevent these violations from being issued to you

Most Frequently Cited CSA Violations by Category:

Unsafe Driving

45 violations – Speeding 6-10 mph over the limit

35 violations – Fail to obey (by-passing an open scale)

23 violations – Lane restriction (driving in a lane prohibited for trucks)

Hours of Service

11 violations – False log (improper use of Personal Conveyance)

9 violations – Failed to carry blank paper log pages

5 violations – Failed to carry ELD manual


22 violations – Flat tire/audible air leak

19 violations – inoperable required lamp

13 violations – inoperable head lamp

Please contact the Safety Department if you have any questions.


Maxymus Lafontant, one of our many high performance Drivers, recently asked a great question – – would it be possible to get inforamtion on the Transflo app, on a weekly basis, for 3 elements of the scorecard namely:  Idle, Fuel Compliance and Miles for that week?

Answer:  We are diligently working to be able to provide all of our Drivers with live-time updates and  information on all of the Key Performance Indicators of your scorecard.  We are hoping to have this information for you soon as we upgrade to GeoTab.  In the meantime, please contact your Fleet Manager and they are able to give you this information on a weekly basis.

Thanks for the question Maxymus.  If you have a questions and feel many other Drivers are wondering the same thing, please send an e-mail to suggestions@deckermail.com  We’re always happy to share any information with you that we can.