DROP IT IN THE STATE YOU’D LIKE TO FIND IT:                                        

   Just what does that mean?  Professional Drivers, you have to take care of each other!  With freight booming as it is, your time is precious just as is every other Driver’s time.  No one wants to take the extra time to deal with damages or missing items when picking up a trailer or any type of DTL equipment.  The key to success is no lost time – lost time costs you and DTL money$$. 

   Please follow this protocol when dropping or picking up any Decker equipment:

  • Flatbed – securement items:
    • Bungees
    • Corner protectors
    • Straps
    • Correct tarps
  • Reefer:
    • Free of all defects, especially verify the reefer unit itself is in working order.
    • Make certain the reefer is dropped with a minimum of ¾ fuel – having to go fill a reefer could be the difference between on -time pick-up/delivery.
    • Knowing your drop location and the cleanliness required of the reefer – generally the reefer should be swept out, free of debris, odorless and clear of any fluids.  Remember that all wash outs over $40 need to be approved though Fort Dodge in advance, so plan ahead and set yourself up for success!
  • When picking up equipment, do your routine check and report any damages or missing equipment immediately so we can find out who left the equipment in such condition.

   Thank you for your attention to these details.  Out of mutual respect for your fellow co-workers, please leave equipment in the state you’d like to find it.  At Decker we support one another, so simply put by one of our top-notch Drivers – – be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

LEARN WITH LUMA:                          

     Decker Truck Line has changed training providers.  We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Luma to fulfill our training needs.  With Luma you will be able to conduct your training on your phone, your tablet or your computer.  Once we have installed the new GeoTab units in your tractors, you will be able to consume your training modules from the comfort of your cab on the GeoTab tablet.

     Luma provides short bite-sized customized trainings specific for Decker Truck Line.  Please watch for an upcoming assignment and login information next week via email, text or a Transflo message as we will be sending out the latest quarterly training assignment.

     We look forward to your feedback on this new change to our training platform!