July 10, 2020

Note to all Decker Professional Drivers from Rod Simon and the Maintenance Department:

The goal of the Decker Maintenance Department is to provide the service required to ensure that Decker tractors and trailers operate in a safe, efficient and trouble-free manner.  As part of this goal, it is important that the communication to Drivers and Operations is open and consistent so accurate load planning can occur.

As with any fleet, in order to perform proper equipment maintenance, downtime is required.

BPM’s have been averaging 8.8 hours of labor to complete and APM’s have been averaging 7.8 hours.  This time could be less if personnel are available to team on the repairs or longer if extensive repairs are required.  These times are averages and should be anticipated when arriving for the service.

Maintenance to many components is scheduled based on mileage and is completed during the PM process.  Currently within the Decker fleet, many of these components are becoming due for the scheduled maintenance.  This situation can result in additional time to complete the repairs and additional downtime in the shop.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding as we work through the additional required repairs.

Unlike other Fleet Maintenance Programs, the PM’s performed by Decker shops consist of much more than a grease job and oil change.  Many components are checked to ensure that maximum uptime is available, and breakdowns are minimal.  Pre and post-trip inspections are key and vital to this whole process as well; discovering and notifying the Maintenance Department of needed repairs before or when your truck is in the shop can also cut down on breakdowns while out on the road.

Decker is starting to see a reduction in the percentage of trucks that are down over the road, along with a reduction in time the truck is down.  These are good signs, but we still need to strive to continue to improve on these as a company.  The Decker shops and employees, along with Maintenance Support, equipment manufacturers that we purchase our equipment from, outside shops and our Professional Drivers all play a key role in this.

The Decker Maintenance Department is always evolving by improving processes, technician training and schedules.  We are committed to improving the Department to provide a great service experience for all our Professional Drivers and customers.

Please contact our Maintenance Department staff if you have any questions and concerns.  Thank you.