How long is orientation?

Orientation is a week long in Fort Dodge, Iowa and up to 10 days in Bessemer, AL. We pay $800 plus a $100 visa gift card for completing orientation.

How long is the hiring process?

The approval process is usually pretty quick (within first 48 hours), however, the number of jobs we have to verify and how quickly the reports come back can affect the time it takes to get you approved. Once approved, we would have you go through our orientation...

Do you take students?

We are not currently accepting students. However, if you have a minimum of 3 months of experience and need additional training, we can have you go with a trainer for 3-5 weeks and pay you $500/week so you can better perfect your skills.

Do you have a contract?

No, we do not have a contract but we do have a repayment agreement that we have you acknowledge during the orientation. The repayment agreement breaks down the investment Decker has made to bring you aboard. We ask that if you were to leave within the first 6 months...

Where does the Midwest Flatbed division run?

Depending on where in the Midwest you live, more regional positions may be available. The majority of our Midwest division runs are from KS to Indiana to Minnesota back to KC area. The upper Midwest (MN, IA, WI, MI, KS, MO, IN, IL and NE) areas are among (but not...